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Measuring Cement Quality

Testing of Cement quality by Purchasers:

To check the quality of cement during purchase we can check following things at shop and site to ensure that the quality of cement is good.

At Shop:

  1. Purchase the cement from authorized company counters only.
  2. Check the stitching of cement bag and ensue the cement bag has not been re-stitched.
  3. Check the week number and year of the manufacturing which is printed on the cement bags. Please avoid purchasing cement bags manufactured 3 month before the purchased date.
  4. ISI mark on the cement bags.
  5. Condition of the bags should be good and stored at moisture free area in cement store.


At Site:

  1. Open the bag and take a good look at the cement. There should not be any visible lumps. The colour of the cement should normally in greenish grey.
  2. Thrust your hand into the cement bag. It must be giving you a cool feeling. There should not be any lump inside.
  3. Take a pinch of cement and feel-between the fingers. It should give a smooth and not a gritty feeling.
  4. Taka a handful of cement and throw it on a bucket full of water, the particle should float for some time before they sink.
  5. For any assistance you can call on the contact number printed on the cement bag, we will be definitely assist you.


At Laboratory: If you are bulk purchaser of cement; then laboratory testing is also convenient and economical for you. You can test your cement sample in National test House or any approved governed lab by the method of IS 4031 (Method of physical testing of hydraulic cement Part1 to Part 15) and IS 4032 (Method of chemical testing of hydraulic cement)


There is detailed check at our manufacturing sites, for detailed refer to “Interpretation of Cement Quality Parameters”