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  • Sustainable business practices and trusting relations with our neighbors, business partners, and employees have remained the prime drivers of Success of HeidelbergCement Globally.
  • At HeidelbergCement India Ltd. sustainable management means pursuing revenue opportunities that ensure sustained growth of our business. We are consistently pursuing activities that cure the negative impact arising out of operations.
  • We are fully conscious of the fact that we can be successful as a company only if we maintain cordial and cooperative relationships with the various stakeholders in our society. That’s why we place great value on open communication that directly addresses problems and maintains a constructive dialogue with all the relevant stakeholder groups.
  • Taking into account the expectations of our external and internal stakeholders, the company builds its sustainability plans and accordingly deploys resources.
  • HeidelbergCement India Ltd. is also a member of associations and forums such as WBCSD CSI, National Safety Council (NSC) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) that represent their members’ interests through a continual dialogue with governments, businesses and the general public.
HeidelbergCement India Ltd - Memberships
  • WBCSD CSI ( Cement Sustainability Initiatives of WBCSD )
  • National Safety Council (NSC)
  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)


“We have obligated ourselves to build on the three pillars of ecology , economy and social responsibility.

Our partnership with WBCSD CSI enables us to focus on matters of sustainability through participation of all stakeholders”

Mr. Jamshed N Cooper

MD , HeidelbergCement India Limited