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Avoiding Common Mistakes: A Guide to Successful New Home Construction

Our homes are the places that we can truly call our own, and constructing a dream mansion or apartment is a dream that we all nurture from a tender age, executing the entire project effectively and efficiently is something else entirely. There are pre-established construction practices that must be followed properly, and the complications involved with the endeavor can wear you down really quickly.

As novices, there are a number of mistakes and slip-ups that you would be prone to make, and while some of them can be laughed off, others are significantly more dangerous in nature. Everything from the process of manufacturing of cement to the quality of the employed builder would play a part, so those are factors that you would want to keep an eye out for.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at 5 of the commonest mistakes that you might end up making when constructing your dream nest, and to that end, the tips and methods that we suggest here should help you get out of your fix. So, let’s get started.

Shortlisting the wrong types of cement for the job.

While Western houses are commonly constructed out of wood or other fiber materials, concrete is one of the best construction materials that is used in house construction in India. While it is your contractor who would be responsible for procuring the concrete from the dealers or manufacturers, you must carry out types of cement test to ascertain whether the right variant of cement is being used for the project.

Moreover, it’s no secret that adulterated cement is a reality, and to that end, you must test for the quality of the cement being used to build your home as well. A slump test of concrete is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the best that the market has to offer. Falling for the wrong cement is one of the first mistakes that can be made while creating a house, so that’s something you must avoid at all costs.

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Working with a sub-par contractor or builder.

In this day and age, there are a number of builders and developers who have mushroomed in each locality, and unfortunately, not every one of them deserves to have your money on their table. Below-par workmanship, non-compliance with construction practices, and the procurement and usage of poor materials are just some of the many roadblocks that you would have to deal with while working with a bad contractor.

Determining the best builder for the job doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you are to deal with the situation in a planned and tactful manner. For starters, finalize a list of 3 or 4 builders, take the best estimates from them, and if possible, visit their earlier works in person. Personal and online reviews also play a defining role in determining how good a particular contractor is.

Seek professional help.

Considering the fact that you are going through this blog, chances are that you are someone who doesn’t possess a great deal of knowledge regarding the housebuilding industry, and in such a situation, avoiding professional help can turn out to be a nightmare.

Get in touch with someone who knows exactly what they are talking about, ask for careful insights, and how you should go about executing the project. Now, these professionals can be anyone from consultants to relatives who might be familiar with this field in one way or the other. By bringing them into the loop, you would be able to unearth any potential mistakes and negligences that have been committed by the builders as well.

The quality of the cement that is being offered.

Although this might sound pretty similar to the first point from the outset, the characteristics are pretty different. You see, there are a number of companies that are operating in this space in this day and age, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that adulteration of cement is something that takes place more often than we would expect.

Luckily, there are a couple of methods that can be availed of to ascertain the quality of cement that is being used to construct our projects or homes.

  • The best cement for construction would be one that hasn’t been sold loose or with a tampered bag.
  • Upon opening the bag, if you find the texture to be smooth and cool, you can be assured of the fact that you are getting the right deal.

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Not future-proofing your project.

While you might be basing your new home on your past and present ambitions, it is essential to think about what lies ahead as well. Houses aren’t something that would be used only for a couple of years and abandoned after that, well, at least in most cases! Maybe you are planning on installing a spiral staircase or an infinity pool, but what you must consider is that you won’t really be able to use them once you grow older.

Certain fittings and installations might age pretty poorly as well, and thus, it would be wise to stay away from these installations and options, but rather, focus on the types of cement test, as that is something that actually matters.

Not having a clear but dynamic budget.

When it comes to building a house, it must be said that there are going to be budgetary overruns in most cases, and to that end, it is essential that you keep your budget well-defined, but dynamic to a certain extent. Before starting off, have a proper discussion with your builder regarding the budgets that are being offered, and what exactly is expected from them.

A change in the process of manufacturing of cement can greatly alter the price characteristics as well, so it would be a wise decision to stop yourself from going on a shopping spree early on.

Now, it is a phenomenon that is somewhat related to the construction timelines as well, and to that end, maintaining an estimated but dynamic schedule would be beneficial.

Final take.

Creating a home is one of the largest endeavors or activities that we ever undertake in our lives, and to that end, there’s no doubt that we would want to avoid mistakes as far as possible. The aforementioned mistakes are some of the most common ones that we, as homeowners, are prone to making. Mycemco Cement is one of the best companions that you would be coming across while crafting the perfect home for yourself. Well-designed to pass the slump test of concrete and other examinations, our offerings would ensure lengthy periods of tension-free ownership experience. Get in touch with your builder today.