The Company is committed to the three pillars of ecology, economy, and social responsibility. We are working for the benefit of the communities around our plants with the spirit of being "partners in progress". We encourage community participation at all levels from planning and implementation to monitoring and maintenance of assets created under CSR projects. While discharging our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, we are looking at all aspects of development. Our CSR initiatives have wide coverage ranging from education, skill development, health & hygiene, infrastructure development and sports.

As per the defined intervention areas, every Unit prepares its CSR annual budget plan which is submitted to Board Members for their approval. The budgets are then monitored quarterly against actual expenditure by top management through CSR progress report. The gaps are then bridged through necessary interventions and follow-ups.

Our Group Corporate Citizenship Goal

As a global Group with strong regional business operations, we act according to the principle “think global – act local”. Our business operations also create added value for the communities at our locations across the world. Beyond our business activities, we are also committed to protecting the environment and promoting social progress.

Good cooperative relationships with the communities in the areas where we are active are indispensable for our business operations and one of the keys to our business success. In these areas, we establish business contacts, capitalise on local know-how, and maintain a dialogue with our neighbours. By making this voluntary commitment to society, we strengthen the exchange of ideas and achieve long-term socio-economical added value for local communities.

Our CSR Focus Areas