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mycem power is a Superior Quality Blended Cement with attractive and laminated packaging, prevent cement from hydration due to atmospheric moisture and remain intact in its quality till it gets open with in time frame as per BIS.. Here also the secondary reaction of High Reactive Silica (HRS-pozzolana) present in mycem Primo reacts with Ca(OH)2 (liberated by the hydrating Portland cement) in the presence of water forming stable Calcium Silicates Hydrate (CSH Gel) that have the cementitious properties and gives more strength to cement and its works. It has better particle size distribution with max particles within range of 3 to 30 micron, helps in getting cohesive mix, crack free durable construction. ALL THESE PROPERTIES MAKES MYCEM POWER SUITABLE FOR RCC FOUNDATION,COLUMN,BEAM AND SLAB CASTING.

Benefits of mycem power Cement

  1. High long term strength gives durablility to construction.
  2. Reduce the possibilities of rusting in steel bar.
  3. Highly Consistent in quality.
  4. Safe on site aviod diseases as cement doesn’t flay during bags handling.
  5. Ensure prescribed weight to customer due to LPP packing.
  6. Better and Smooth finish.
  7. Reduce the possibilities of leakage and seepage.
  8. Adulteration free.


  1. All types of comercial builing, Residential and Infra projects.
  2. All kind of RCC work viz: FOUNDATION, COLUMN,BEAM and SLABS etc.
  3. Road, Bridges and Dam etc.
  4. All kind of heavy and load bearing structures.
  5. All kind of contruction like masonary work and all over wherever cement can be used.
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