"We would consistently conserve, recycle, reuse and repair however difficult it is, after all, it is about demonstrating a responsible behavior and making the world a wonderful place to live for generations to come."

J N Cooper

As one of the world's leading building materials producers, the HeidelbergCement Group has set for itself the goal of being the industry leader on the path to carbon neutrality. The Group introduced 'Beyond 2020' strategy with accelerated CO2 reduction targets. To amplify actions towards climate change, the Group also relooked its 'Sustainability Commitments 2030' and advanced some of the related targets and their respective deadlines to reflect environmental and social developments.

The Sustainability Commitments 2030 now include several new or updated targets and an even broader range of responsibilities in corporate sustainability management. The commitment is to advance the original target for 2030, of a 30% reduction in specific net CO2 emissions compared with 1990 and achieve it by 2025. Thereafter for 2030, we intend to reduce our specific net CO2 emissions to below 500 kg per tonne of cementitious materials produced. This corresponds to a further reduction of more than 15% compared to 2019 levels. These goals will be achieved by using proven techniques and measures such as maximising the use of alternative fuels, reducing clinker content, and improving the efficiency of our plants. To this end, specific measures have been defined for all the plants of HC Group worldwide.

Armed with a strong track record of reducing CO2 emissions, HCIL is well-aligned with the Group's goals.

1. CO2 Emission - Target 2030


HeidelbergCement India limited currently stands at a CO2 emission of 513Kg/tonne of cement as against Indian Cement Industry averaging around 580kg/tonne of cement. Our target is to reduce the same to below 494kg/tonne of cement by 2030. Ther target set forth would be achieved by increasing our focus on energy efficiency, reduction in specific energy consumption, increasing our share of renewable energy, etc.

2. Strict Adherence to Emission Norms


We have been strictly following the MoEFCC, New Delhi Emission Norms on Particulate Matter, SOx and NOx for maintaining emissions well within the stipulated norms of SPCB by installing advanced Bag Houses, ESPs and SNCR. We are continuously monitoring emissions by installing CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) and have connected our CEMS with SPCBs and CPCB servers. Other emissions prescribed by CPCB such as heavy metals Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury and others are also monitored as per guidelines laid down by CPCB and reported to statutory authority. We also monitor and report ambient air quality through Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations. Data are continuously transmitted to SPCB and CPCB servers. To increase the transparency, we are displaying emission datas in public domain also.

3. Conservation of Natural Resources


Conservation of water has been a focused area for us. We have implemented active measures toward srainwater harvesting systems in our plants, colonies and mines. In 2020, HCIL was 4.4 times water positive i.e we consumed 1.3 Billion liters of water and harvested 5.7 Billion litres.

4. Enriching Biodiversity


We are committed for the conservation of flora and fauna and hence we are focused towards developing green lungs at all our establishments with an aim to enrich Biodiversity. We also create reservoirs for collection of rainwater which ultimately support aquatic life, enrich ground water level, and is a point of attraction for flora and fauna. Various migratory birds found nearby the mines reservoirs and local species made their permanent residence in our colony area which have serene ambience and lush green environment.

A Survey Spearheaded by Birdlife International which was partnered by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) conducted at HC India sites and

  • 117 Bird Species were recorded at our limestone quarries in India.
  • In these Bird Species:
    • 86 are common residents.
    • 31 are Winter Migrants.
    • 5 species are listed as near threatened in ICUN list.

5. Limiting Global Warming


We are committed to fulfilling our share of the global responsibility to contain the rise in temperature below 2°C, at the same time continue reducing our impact on air, land, water and waste management. We ate HCIL have set ourselves a target to achieve 2⁰C lower Ambient Temperature in our Plants compared to that prevailing a Km away, against which we are currently at 1.2⁰ C difference.

6. friends of Earth


“friends of Earth” is a green initiative by HC India which is started with a vision to contribute towards sustaining and increasing the green cover of our planet and make our world a wonderful place to live for generations to come. To achieve the same, we motivate our employees, and business associates to plant trees. To make the plantation memorable it is recommended that the same be done on some special occasions like birthday, anniversary, an individual’s child’s birthday. The plantations are then Geo-tagged on friends of Earth (www.hcfriendsofearth.com). The details of the plantation such as name of planter, it's location, date of planting and the pictures of the plantation could be seen here. Periodically, pictures depicting the growth of the plant would be added to track its progress. The initiation of this project was done by planting neem trees on a uniform basis across all locations.

Environment Monitoring Report

Damoh (Narsingarh, Imlai, Patharia and Pathariya Limestone Mines)


Bio Medical Waste Return of NGH

Bio Medical Waste Return Patharia

Bio Medical Waste Return of Imlai

Biomedical Waste Compliance of NGH

Biomedical Waste Compliance of Patharia

Biomedical Waste Compliance of Imlai

Environment Statement Report (Form-V) of Narsingarh Clinkerization Unit.

Environment Statement Report (Form-V) of 1500 KVA DG Set.

Environment Statement Report (Form-V) of Grinding Unit Imlai.

Environment Statement Report (Form-V) of Limestone Mine Patharia.

Environment Statement Report (Form-V) of Waste Heat Recovery Power Station.

EC Compliance Report Oct’21 – Mar’22 – Narsingarh.

EC Compliance Report Oct’21 – Mar’22 – Imlai.

Monthly Envoironmental Monitoring Report for May 2022.

Monthly Envoironmental Monitoring Report for April 2022.

Submition of BMW form - 4 (Annual Return) for Diamond Cement Hospital narsingarh-Yr 2020.

BMW Annual return (Form-IV) for Diamond cement hospital, narsingarh-Yr 2020.

BMW Annual return (Form-IV) for First aid Centre Diamond cements Grinding unit, Imlai-Yr 2020.

BMW Annual return (Form-IV) for First aid centre Diamond cements Patharia LS Mines-Yr 2020.

Compliance Report of EC for Clinker Plant & Mines Oct-20 to Mar 21.

Compliance Report of EC for Grinding Unit Oct-20 to Mar 21.

Environment Clearance (EC) for Clinker Plant & Mines.

Environment Clearance (EC) for Grinding Unit.


ESR-DG set-1500 KVA-2019-20.


BMW Annual return (Form-IV) for Diamond cement hospital, narsingarh-Yr 2020.