mycem Cement

mycem Cement

mycem Portland Pozzolana Cement is a kind of Blended Cement which is produced by grinding the Portland clinker with gypsum and highly reactive pozzolanic materials in measured proportions, The secondary reaction of High Reactive Silica (HRS-pozzolana) present in mycem reacts with calcium hydroxide (liberated by the hydrating Portland cement) in the presence of water forming stable Calcium Silicates Hydrate (CSH Gel) that have the cementitious properties and gives more strength to cement and its works.

Benefits of mycem Cement

  1. Various concrete tests not limited to slump test, cone test, cube test, etc for ensuring strong concrete slabs.
  2. High Strength.
  3. Low Heat of Hydration.
  4. Low Alkali.
  5. Low Chloride.
  6. Low Sulphate.
  7. Highly Consistent.
  8. Impermeable and Denser Concrete.
  9. Cohesive Mix and Superb Rheology.


  1. All types of Multistory Residential and Commercial Buildings.
  2. Any kind of RCC works viz: Foundation Rafts, Column, Beam, Slabs etc.
  3. Road, Bridges, Dam etc.
  4. Masonry, Plastering, Paving and Tile fixing.
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