Mycem Power Shield

mycem Power Shield

mycem power shield is a one-of-a-kind specially formulated cement made with latest technology and has excellent water repellent properties. Special additives used in the manufacturing mycem power shield make construction more durable by providing water repellent properties in the cement along with high early and long-term strength.

mycem power shield acts like a shield against water seepage and keeps your construction strong, durable and maintenance free.

Benefits of mycem power shield

  1. Freedom From Seepage & Dampness
    Restricts rate of flow of water through its pores & reduces capillary action thereby making it Seepage & damp resistant.
  2. Efflorescence Resistant
    Restricts the water transportation through concrete/mortar pores resulting in reduced salt efflorescence.
  3. More Durability
    Superior quality mycem cement with added properties of water repellency prevents moisture & dangerous chemicals to ingress in concrete, making construction Impermeable, corrosion resistant and more durable.


  1. All types of commercial builing, Residential and Infra projects.
  2. All kind of RCC work viz: FOUNDATION, COLUMN,BEAM and SLABS etc.
  3. Road, Bridges and Dam etc.
  4. All kind of heavy and load bearing structures.
  5. All kind of construction like masonary work and all over wherever cement can be used.
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