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OPC vs PPC Cement: Deciding the Ideal Choice for House Construction

As builders, it is important to get the best cement for construction when it comes to apartments, and to that end, OPC and PPC are two of the most common options that are available to us. Each brings its own specific set of advantages and features to the table, and thus, understanding which one would be the most suitable is crucial.

OPC, or Ordinary Portland Cement, includes ppc cement, or Portland Pozzolana Cement under its umbrella. The main difference lies in the fact that PPC includes pozzolanic materials like clay and slag, while ordinary Portland cement doesn’t feature such additives in the clinker.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at what each of them stands for, and the specific features that they bring to the table, and thus, aim to analyse opc vs ppc cement, which one’s best for house construction. So, let’s get started.

OPC Cement.

One of the most common forms of cement that’s used in construction projects in this day and age, Ordinary Portland Cement is created by crushing Portland clinkers and mixing them with gypsum and lime. In fact, lime creates 67% of the final product, making it one of the most abundant constituents of OPC cement.

Commonly, OPC is available in 3 main grades, namely OPC 33, OPC 43, and OPC 53, and each brings its own set of characteristics to the table. You would be surprised to learn that OPC derives its name from Portland stones that feature a colour that’s similar to that of cement, with the initial batches starting to enter service during the first half of the 19th century. While this type of cement has been in prominence for quite some time now, its popularity has taken a notable hit after ppc cement started to enter the market, but more on that later. Let us take a look at some of the unique features that OPC brings to the table.

  • OPC is priced a bit lower than the other forms of cement on the market, a fact that made them an easy choice for anyone who looked to complete the project on a budget.
  • OPC cement is known to have a certain degree of resistance to cracks, thereby resulting in lower maintenance bills over the years.
  • For builders looking to use cement that dries rapidly, OPC proved to be a decent option, and this is a speed that cannot be matched by ppc cement as well.

Due to the aforementioned characteristics, and aided by the fact that they are available in massive quantities, they have been commonly used to build houses, apartments, and other infra projects. With age on its side, OPC used to have a significant share of the market, but in 2023, it can safely be said that times are changing, a trend that has been initiated by ppc cement.

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PPC Cement.

Developed out of OPC cement, ppc cement features a healthy addition of pozzolanic materials like slag, ash, clay, etc. With environmental compliance turning out to be a prime driver across industries, one of the most significant advantages that this type of cement brings to the table is a massively reduced amount of CO2 that’s released during the manufacturing process, along with helping in effective waste management as well.

Nowadays, there are a large number of avenues where this type of cement is commonly used, including in the construction of apartment buildings. Let us take a look at the advantages that they bring to the table in 2023.

  • Portland Pozzolana Cement helps with environment protection and the fact that it uses a lot of residual matter like slag and ash helps with effective waste management as well.
  • Since a large constituent of PPC is basically residual materials that are produced by other industrial processes, the purchase costs are noticeably lower as well.
  • PPC features a higher degree of tensile strength to the table, thereby making it suitable for use in building large apartments, bridges, dams, etc. They are highly suited for marine applications as they are resistant to sulphate attacks.
  • It is true that they settle at a pace that is slower than that of OPC cement, but the fact that they feature a smooth finish and texture helps cut down on overall construction times as well.

In this day and age, ppc cement is increasingly being used to build apartment towers and complexes, and when it comes to opc vs ppc cement, it can safely be said that ppc possesses quite several real-world advantages over opc. Thus, in most cases, ppc cement turns out to be the best cement for the construction of apartment blocks in 2023.

Final take.

When it comes to opc vs ppc cement, it is evident that Portland Pozzolana Cement does possess a significant advantage over its close peer. Yes, there are certain situations in which OPC might prove to be the better choice, but it is PPC that should be preferred by builders in most cases. Mycemco is known for offering some of the best PPC there is, and as builders, you just cannot afford to ignore such offerings. Get in touch with us today to create buildings that your clients would love to call their own.