Infrastructure Development

Basic infrastructure is necessary for development of any society. The major difference between villages and cities is the non-availability of adequate infrastructure which forces people to migrate to cities leaving the villages in despair. We have been consistently focusing on improving the basic facilities viz. concrete roads, proper drainage facilities, availability of potable water, streetlights, proper disposal of waste, cleanliness etc. to ensure improved standard of living. We have been trying to convert villages in our vicinity into a “Model village.”

1. Development of Model Aanganwadi Centre


Gram Panchayats, Aanganwadi centres, Primary Health centres, Schools etc. are the major establishments which cater to the upgradation of our village community. However, each establishment has its own limitation towards a level of upgradation hence through our CSR programs we undertake the responsibility to ensure the upgradation level is not constrained.

This year we took initiative to develop Model Aanganwadi Centres in the villages. Every Aanganwadi centre in the village provides services like pre-schools education, mid-day meal, track health record of expecting mothers and newborn babies, vaccination to children & mothers, health awareness to adolescent girls etc.

To up-scale these Aanganwadi centres to Aanganwadi Centre we have upgraded its external look through attractive & informative painting, quality furniture & fixtures, availability of playing items, provision of basic medical items like weighing machines, examination table etc. Through this intervention till now 40 centres have been transformed into Model Aanganwadi centres which is now being replicated by Government of India as well.

2. Supply of Drinking water


Clean drinking water is a necessity which unfortunately is not available for everyone in abundance. We have ensured that the villages in our vicinity has resources for availability of clean and safe drinking water by continuously supporting through bore wells digging, provision of hand pump sets, provision of water tankers especially during summers, development of RO water system. Etc. With this intervention the villagers are self-dependent for resolving water crisis and managing it by their own.

3. Development of Public welfare Infrastructure


Direct infrastructure which affects the daily life of the village community requires regular upgradation. Hence as per the need identified by Gram Panchayat & villagers, there has been a priority list provided by them to infrastructure upgradation. This year some of the projects that we have undertaken are:

  1. Fencing work at various public places.
  2. Construction of CC Road at ITI Damoh, Narsingarh and Imlai.
  3. Construction of Main gate Board & Cow catcher at ITI Damoh.
  4. Construction of Waiting room.
  5. Construction of Cremation Shed, Narsingarh and Mahuakheda.
  6. Construction of Ghat at Imlai Pond.
  7. Construction of Shed at Damoh.
  8. Construction of Water room and Stage at Excellence School, Damoh.
  9. Women Help Desk Centre.
  10. Renovation & development of Govt. Veterinary Hospitals.