Social Engagement

Social engagement / Community engagement not only increases the visibility but also helps in understanding issues and empowering communities to have a say over the decisions that affect their lives. It helps in making a more informed and experience decisions in your life, hence we have been inculcating a habit of Social engagement in our village community through:

1. Cultural Training Programme


We have been appointing teachers for co-curricular activities like learning music instruments in the rural Girls Government Hostel and Narsingarhwhich have benefitted around 80 girls. These students haaave been able to enhance their knowledge in the field of art & culture (music).

2. Slogan writing for awareness generation


Slogan writings on walls is one of the tools for mass level awareness on social issues like drug-addiction, girl’s education, safety, health and hygiene, environment protection etc.

3. Support services during COVID situation


The COVID left the underprivileged section of the society stranded for their daily meal. Hence, we distributed food packets along with face masks and sanitizers to ensure their upkeep.

4. Tricycles provided to Physically Challenged People


Being a good corporate citizen, we want to cover all types of population under our CSR interventions. In the villages people who are specially abled (physically challenged) require support to move from one place to another. Hence to enhance their mobility and make them self-dependant we distributed tricycles which benefitted 25 specially abled people.