Substituting With Low Carbon Additives

Substituting With Low Carbon Additives

At HeidelbergCement, we are committed to the development and production of innovative, environmentally and socially beneficial products that meet the highest quality standards along their whole lifecycle. Our research and product innovation laboratories have developed various alternatives to traditional cement with a reduced environmental impact: Cements and concretes with improved carbon footprint, building materials with product properties favorable for lower material usage, and which enable society to implement climate-friendly solutions. 

By using byproducts and waste materials produced in other sectors of industry in many of these alternative products, we make an active contribution to the circular economy. We are also working on products that support the energy transition.

Using Fly ash and Slag as Substitute for Clinker Incorporation

By using substances such as ground slag and fly ash as secondary cementitious materials (SCM), we can reduce the CO2 intensity in cement concrete.

We take immense pride in informing that we are a 100% blended cement manufacturing organization.